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My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones

Date of publication: 2017-09-03 03:23

During the lockdown, Corner Store asks me to let him out of his tier. With the canteen closed, his services are badly needed. Everyone 8767 s commissary is getting low many inmates are in search of cigarettes. They ask me to ferry things from one tier to the next, but I refuse, mostly because I know that once I do, the requests will never stop. I don 8767 t let Corner Store out. I tell him it 8767 s too risky with all these eyes around. For days, he just lies on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

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Even after the lockdown ends, SORT does not leave. They patrol the walk, frisking random inmates, and shake down tiers relentlessly. One morning, I spot white buses parked outside the prison as I pull in for work. At the morning meeting, there are about 65 wardens and COs from public prisons across the state. The Winn warden steps up to the podium. 8775 Our friends here from the Louisiana Department of Corrections have come to help us out, 8776 he says. This is the moment everyone has feared. Are they taking over? Will we lose our jobs?

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8775 Inmates Run This Bitch 8776

  • Chapter 7 Prison Experiments
  • Chapter 8 The CCA Way
  • Chapter 9 8775 You Got to Survive 8776
  • Chapter 5 Lockdown
  • Chapter 8: 8775 The CCA Way 8776

    8775 That way when we go to court and the inmate says, 8766 Oh, they made me eat Pizza Hut pizza! That 8767 s cruel and unusual punishment! It should have been Domino 8767 s! 8767 —when it goes to court, we pull up our ACA files and say, 8766 Hey, look, here 8767 s how we prepare our food in the kitchen. We prepare the food in our kitchen under these standards.' 8776

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    Don 8767 t be like your partner Bacle, they tell me. In some units and on some shifts, the pairing of floor officers changes day to day, but for whatever reason Bacle and I become a regular pair. (He has allowed me to use his real name.) I tell the inmates I 8767 ll never be like him, all that shouting and hollering.

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    8775 Nah. Ain 8767 t no chance, 8776 the inmate says. 8775 I ain 8767 t never heard of nobody movin 8767 good and low-key gettin 8767 caught. Nah. I know a dude still rolling. He been doin 8767 it six years. 8776 He looks at Collinsworth. 8775 Easy. 8776

    8775 Everyone on the tier! 8776 Bacle shouts to the prisoners milling about. 8775 Fuck all that, 8776 one says. 8775 We 8767 ll have another Code motherfucking Blue. 8776 Bacle blows his whistle. We get everyone in and I head out onto the Ash walk to see what is happening.

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    Ultimately, I choose Winn. Not only does Louisiana have the highest incarceration rate in the world —more than 855 prisoners per 655,555 residents—but Winn is the oldest privately operated medium-security prison in the country.