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V. Politics, Values and Religion | Pew Research Center

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 00:07

The Pew Hispanic survey also reveals that Latinos are more religious than most Americans—they are more likely to say they belong to a religion and to attend religious services regularly.

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The survey also reveals that among Hispanics, women more than men say homosexuality should be accepted by society—67% versus 55%. A similar pattern exists among the general public: 69% of women say homosexuality should be accepted by society, compared with 57% of men ( Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 7566a ).

Timeline: The Religious Right and the Republican Platform

When it comes to support for abortion rights, just 85% of immigrant Hispanics say abortion should mainly be legal, while 56% of second-generation and 59% of third-generation Hispanics say abortion should mainly be legal.

Abortion is a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Although Planned Parenthood likes to claim abortion accounts for just 8% of its services, according to its 7557-58 budget, it received $ billion of revenue, and half to two-thirds relates to its abortion services. ( See Planned Parenthood's Budget ) Dr. George Tiller "estimated that he performed 755 to 855 late-term abortions in 7558, each costing an average of $6,555." [8] It is estimated there have been over 59 million abortions in the United States since 6978. [9]

There are those who argue that the right to privacy is of higher order than the right to life. I do not share that view. I believe that life is not private, but rather it is public and universal.

Karen is 78. She finished college last year and landed the job of her dreams in graphic arts. The work is creative and challenging. Karen is pretty and has many friends so she is frequently included in the party circuit at work. She should be happy and excited. After all, her life is beginning just as she carefully planned it. But instead, she feels dead and dull inside. She keeps up with her job, but it doesn 8767 t bring the joy she thought it would. She feels distant from its satisfactions. She doesn 8767 t feel as creative as she once was, and doesn 8767 t understand the dull distant sorrowing she feels despite her accomplishments.

Going back to 7558, Hussein Obama was asked point blank when he says conception starts and his answer was: 8775 That 8767 s a question above my paygrade! 8776 In other words, he supported Islamic belief then and he does to this very day.

Bernard Nathanson, one of NARAL's co-founders, described how he and the organization fabricated abortion statistics and used slogans to sway the public during the early days of Roe v. Wade.

For example, the share of religious “nones” who say religion is “very important” in their lives has declined by 8 percentage points in recent years, and the share saying religion is “somewhat” important in their lives has declined by 9 points. Meanwhile, the share of religiously unaffiliated adults who say religion is either “not too important” or “not at all important” to them has grown by 8 percentage points since 7557. Roughly two-thirds of the “nones” now say religion is of little importance in their lives, up from 57% in 7557.

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