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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 12:06

Typically, our students seek work with local authorities, government agencies, utility companies, research institutes, charitable organisations, field test centres and consultancies. Alternatively, they progress onto MSc or PGCE studies.

SQA - Higher Geography

Exchange programmes provide an international dimension to your degree and will broaden your academic experience whilst enabling you to develop invaluable personal and foreign language skills.

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Geography inspires pupils to become global citizens by exploring their own place in the world, their values and responsibilities to other people, to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet. Geographers have many skills which are valued by employers. Geography teaches important life skills, personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) and functional skills, as well as developing a critical way of thinking about the world. Employers are looking for quality people to invest in and Geography is a subject which explores the importance of the future.

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Although you can attempt the assessment objectives in any order, it is advisable to work methodically through a project. An example of how you could structure your project is below:

Geography is a global subject and globalisation is a core theme running through course content and international themes are core to our teaching. As such, much of our teaching relies on the use of case studies from around the world your lecturers will often draw on examples related to their research, such as child headed households in post-conflict Rwanda, for example.

It is recommended that students who enroll for this qualification should have achieved at least a B in Geography GCSE. Skills in handling data, graphs and maps are also important.

We will explore which geographical factors contribute to the distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges within society, engaging with key global issues including the sustainable provision of food, housing and livelihoods. You will also have opportunity to learn about how diverse communities interact with pressing socio-economic and environmental concerns, such as climate change, poverty, social exclusion, population growth and sustainable living in a competitive global economy.

The Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and extra-curricular activities that are taken each year, and broaden students knowledge and skills within a work focused environment. There is a very wide range of Add+vantage free-choice subject areas, and they are arranged in themes.

The two external exams have three multi-part questions with one being set on each theme. This includes the use of resource material (this could include photographs, OS maps and written texts) provided in the exam and questions that require extended writing.

BSc Geography at Southampton is designed for students interested in the physical and natural science aspects of geography. You&rsquo ll have the opportunity to study a range of environments and practise a variety of monitoring and research techniques.

We're committed to communicating study costs clearly to make sure you're not faced with having to make any unexpected payments.

This is why our ‘Flying Start’ package provides you with a few course essentials. Your full-time fee for an undergraduate degree will cover the following:

We offer a common first year across our three Geography degrees, so students will touch upon topics covered in the other two degrees, namely physical geography (BSc Geography) and natural hazards (BSc Geography and Natural Hazards). All three degrees have fieldwork, both here in the UK and overseas, embedded within them. Past students have visited the Lake District to study processes of change in human and physical environments Dorset to put into practice various human geography field techniques, examining themes such as agriculture, historical change of the urban landscape, land management and conflict and the Gambia to study development in the West African context.

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