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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 17:34

Enthusiastically championed by artists like Lily Krauss, derided by others, most notoriously Glenn Gould, Mozart&rsquo s piano sonatas occupy a special position in his output. Unlike Beethoven&rsquo s sonatas, these works are not central to their composer&rsquo s achievement. Nevertheless, they are unique as a polished body of works for a single instrument: and this is especially significant in Mozart&rsquo s case.

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The Seventh Man Haruki Murakami ‘I looked up at the sky. A few grey cotton chunks of cloud hung there, motionless.’


So, Mozart&rsquo s acute sensitivity to different instrumental and vocal timbres and his virtuosity at juxtaposing and reconciling the most unlikely materials in an apparently effortless and natural way, place him supreme as creator of characters &ndash whether that be in his operas, or when he personifies instruments themselves. That is central to virtually all his greatest achievements. And it is obvious to even the naï ve listener that dialogic interaction is crucial to the ebb and flow of the music &ndash never more so than in the dramas, games and discourse of sonata.

The ‘Job Creator’ Myth – Allan G. Johnson

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As historians learn to use new forms of evidence, we also learn new ways to reconstruct the social and cultural worlds of the past. African Americans of the past speak to our times as we assemble not just the many forms of evidence they have left us but also their creative endeavors to forge new systems of sociality and meaning despite the terrors of slavery.

As for alternatives, we don 8767 t have to choose between . capitalism and Soviet-style communism. Democratic socialism, as practiced to varying degrees in much of the industrialized world, while not being ideal, works much better than capitalism for the vast majority of people. For more on this, see my essay, 8775 If not capitalism, what? 8776 in the 8775 I 8767 m Glad You Asked 8776 menu above.

People invest in business for many reasons – to make money, to produce a product, to satisfy customers – but not to create jobs. A business creates jobs only because it needs workers as a means to an end, and whenever it finds a way to become more “efficient” by getting rid of workers, then that is what it will do.

This is no sure thing for the capitalist, of course, especially with competition from other capitalists. The risk involved coupled with wanting to get still richer, encourages them to produce goods as cheaply as possible, which they do mainly by paying workers as little and for as much work as they can get away with. Add in industrialization in the 69th century and the technology of today and companies going public by selling shares to investors, and you have modern industrial capitalism.

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