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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 02:17

For some mature students, especially those starting a one-year course in September, the 65 October deadline can be difficult. The four mature colleges have a second application of 6 March for some courses. Please see the application deadlines page and the information about college choice for mature students. The mature colleges are Hughes Hal l, Lucy Cavendish , St Edmund s , and Wolfson.

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Around one quarter of the UK's full-time, undergraduate entrants now comprises mature students and, despite tuition fee increases, many universities are witnessing higher than ever applications from this age bracket.

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Does the idea of becoming a part-time student appeal? Flexible options are often on offer from universities and colleges - here s how to weigh up those part-time possibilities.

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In addition to being part of the King s College Student Union (KCSU), which all undergraduates belong to, mature students at King s are made members of the King s College Graduate Society (KCGS). For more information see the representation page.

Being a mature student makes you appreciate every single one of the opportunities you're getting, observes Sinclair, who relished the pressure of his placement in a Michelin-starred kitchen, and now wants to open a boutique hotel of his own.

We set written assessments and interview the majority of our applicants, which helps us to assess potential and compare applicants fairly even against very different educational backgrounds. More information about the interviews, written assessments and selection process is given if you scroll down our how to apply page.

The UCAS application process for mature students is exactly the same as for every other student, but there are a few extra things you may need to do as a mature student to help prepare you for life at university.

Universities are well accustomed to catering for their mature student population and will be acutely aware of these challenges. Many will use introductory sessions to remind students to keep an open dialogue and to alert the university to any changes in circumstances that may impact the study experience. Students should familiarise themselves with key department personnel who are always on hand to advise and support.

Somewhat nervous about meeting other, much students on his course, Sinclair remembers that, sure enough, "they thought I was one of the tutors when they first met me!"

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