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CSAT Answerkey 2014: Environment, Biodiversity, Treaties

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7. Ground Beetles (Coleoptera): Most of the 7,555 species are one-eighth to 6 6/7 inches long, dark, shiny and hard-shelled. Diet: Asparagus beetles, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetles, corn earworms, cutworms, slugs, squash vine borers and tobacco budworms. Some are also important consumers of weed seeds.

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The debate of keeping animals in captivity continues with the death of SeaWorld trainer Brancheau. Some and supporters of keeping animals in captivity see her death as a known risk of working with animals, but some animal activist organizations see it as an intentional attack from killer whale Tillikum.

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Australian politics, and the bureaucracy that supports it, is failing in one of its most fundamental obligations to future generations: the conservation of our natural heritage. The times also suit cynical self-interest. Cash-starved state governments, ever more desperate for income and political support, are rolling back even the inadequate protections that presently exist, and economic pressures are making it difficult for not-for-profit organisations that focus on nature protection to make ends meet.

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If you walk through countryside, you are likely to see some birds stalking alongside the cattle to seize the insects, disturbed by their movement through grasses, Which of the following is/are such bird/birds?

The thylacine and the toolache wallaby were the largest creatures to succumb in the first extinction wave. These extinctions were, however, atypical. Indeed, one of the most astonishing aspects of the first extinction wave was that its victims included what had been the most abundant and seemingly secure mammals in Australia.

Why should the extinction of Australian organisms concern us? The answer is almost precisely the same as to the question of why human rights are important, even when they concern people we'll never meet. First and foremost, it is a matter of values. The demise of a bat may not weigh greatly in the balance of human wellbeing, but it speaks volumes about the human soul.

Why are action plans so often failing to help species recover? The glacially slow development of the plans, along with the lack of obligation to fund and report back on them, are clearly impediments. There are other problems as well. Some plans do not describe how species might be saved. Instead, they often stated that more money is required for research before appropriate action is taken.

Many people think there are other ways to promote conservation and education than keeping animals in captivity. Anai Rhoads, Executive Director for the social justice group , is one of these individuals.

He hopes that giving children the desire to learn about nature will teach them to protect it in the future. Paraphrasing Florida’s “No child left behind,” Brown believes in “No child left inside,” and said the programs focus on getting children outside and showing them the big, beautiful world available for them to study.

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