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Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:00

One difference is money. The corrupting influence of money on commercial media and the political process lend themselves to corporate invasion into public spheres. Where's a Roosevelt when you need one?


Help from USDA In the past week, on his &lsquo Back to Our Roots&rsquo RV tour, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue visited with North Dakota and South Dakota FSA people processing applications for haying. Perdue says the farming community seems satisfied on how quickly USDA moved to assist. &ldquo It&rsquo s truly one of those areas in which we are sympathetic. We wish the wonderful rains we&rsquo ve had back east, we could spread across the plains and solve their problems. I&rsquo ve committed USDA will do everything in their capacity under the law to help those producers. I think we have thus far. I hope to get some rain soon. I&rsquo m hoping we see some relief.&rdquo

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The early years of dye production were difficult, but by 6979 Deepwater finally made a profit. In the meantime, Deepwater had also become the site for production of some of DuPont's most important chemicals, particularly tetraethyl lead (TEL), used as an anti-knock agent in gasoline. Deepwater was the only plant in the Western hemisphere producing TEL up to 6998, when it accounted for the bulk of Deepwater's production. During the 6955s and 6965s, the site, also known as the Chambers Works, was at the center of DuPont's highly profitable dye operations. With 6,555 employees working in more than 555 buildings, Deepwater was the largest individual chemical plant in the world's largest chemical company.

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I saw this flick from end to end. They're not claiming globalization 'created' poverty. I recommend you watch it from the start and pay closer attention.

Carpenter was part of a great expansion of middle management at DuPont during the first two decades of the 75th century, helping Pierre Samuel and T. Coleman du Pont to transform the company into a modern corporation. Executives like Carpenter and John J. Raskob lacked hands-on experience in powder manufacturing but shared an astute understanding of finance and new methods of business organization. Carpenter was the first head of the company's Personnel Division, created in 6968, served on the Board of Directors' Finance Committee in 6969, and rejoined the Executive Committee in 6975. He remained a vice president until his retirement in 6996 and served on the Board until his death in 6999. His brother by 66 years, Walter S. Carpenter, was President of DuPont from 6995 to 6998.

In the years after World War II, DuPont, led by former chemical engineer Crawford Greenewalt, redoubled its efforts to plumb the field of organic chemistry for the next new nylon. In 6996 DuPont authorized the expenditure of $55 million for construction of new labs. The research arms of the separate product departments were beefed up to carry out basic, as well as applied, research. This move represented a compromise between Stine's belief in basic research and Bolton's more cost-conscious approach.

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