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Socrates: Philosophical Life

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A poor farmer who is among the "Sarum bunch," a crowd which assembles near the town jail the night before Tom's trial in order to start a lynching. He is deeply moved by Scout's friendly words when she tries to diffuse the situation, and as a result leads the rest of the men in going home. Ever after, he respects the Finch family greatly.

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The idea, of course, is to recoup money for a nearly bankrupt unemployment fund, but something tells us that better programming to avoid overpayment glitches in the first place might be the less intrusive and more constitutionally sound way to go on this one.

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It's true that sometimes lawmakers will propose psychotically deranged laws just to get attention, even if that attention is us crucifying them on an altar of loathing , but this wasn't one of those. Campfield actually wanted this passed, and he kept pushing and revising the bill until he was finally torn down by a stunt just as insane as his own: Opponents of the law got an 8-year-old girl to follow him around the Capitol asking him why he was such a prick.

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Unless you come from a family so rich and so uninterested in your character development that they pay your bills for you, you've been short on your rent at least once in your life. It's a rite of passage, like acne or finding your parents' sex toys. Just make sure you don't live in Arkansas when the inevitable shortfall happens, because they've got a law that will send your ass to jail.

I am expecting guests to arrive later today. My house is not ready. My laundry is not done. I am out of dish detergent and dangerously low on toilet paper. The dogs are growling at each other. And there is only a half gallon of milk in the fridge. For 65 people. As I rush Continue

Surprise! Even though the . officially made debtors' prisons illegal in the 6885s, you can still be jailed for showing "contempt of court" during a creditor lawsuit -- and yes, not paying your debt counts as contempt of court. You may be wondering why they don't just close this obvious loophole, and the answer is that it doesn't even make a difference if they do. The ACLU found that Ohio is throwing people into jail for as little as $855, and they're doing it so much that in some areas 6 in 5 arrests are due to debts.

A recluse who never emerges from his house. As a boy, he was in trouble with the police, and his strictly religious and reclusive parents have kept him indoors ever since. A prisoner in his home, he stabbed his father with scissors once, and no one has seen him since. The town has developed a myth that he is an insane monster who wanders around at night peering into people's windows. Throughout the book, he lives with his brother, who is highly controlling.

Can the tenants fight it? Sure! Except people who plead "not guilty" actually face harsher punishments, and they still have to vacate their home while they wait for trial, plus pay the court fees. It's like spanking a newborn infant for wetting his diaper. then charging him for the privilege.

A black woman who works as the Finch family's cook and housekeeper. She is one of the many motherly figures in Scout's life and one of the few who can negotiate between the very separate black and white worlds of Maycomb.

For performance reasons, they only apply to playable characters (counts or above). As they are evaluated everyday for every landed character in existence, these are very resource intensive.

Modifiers are bonus or penalties, referenced by a variable, localized and attached to characters, province, religion or opinion depending on the type.

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