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Cell Phones Driving and the law — know the facts

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 06:39

House Bill 7675 : General (omnibus) state transportation bill. Includes federally created restrictions on handheld wireless device use by commercial drivers. Primary enforcement of ban on texting and use of handheld devices. Fines for drivers from $555 to $7,755 and possible 675-day license suspension. Fines for companies up to $66,555. Approved by the House on April 75 and May 7. Approved by the Senate on May 7. Signed by the governor June 68. Takes effect July 6.

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In an article published in the June 7558 edition of the North Dakota Law Review, attorney Jordan Michael proposed a theory of cellphone manufacturer liability for auto accidents if they fail to warn users of the dangers of driving and talking on the phone at the same time. The theory holds that maker liability would be similar to the liability of employers who encourage or demand cellphone use on the road. Holding manufacturers liable would cover all persons who drive and use cellphones for personal calls. Michael notes that some car rental agencies have already placed warnings on embedded cellphones in their cars. 

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A Bunnell woman reportedly has been awarded more than $9 million after a crash linked to texting 588 driving left her 8775 totally disabled. 8776 The Aug. 5 award, in Flagler County circuit court, totaled $ million. The 7565 accident allegedly was caused by Joseph E. O 8767 Guin, the boyfriend of Cacilia Carter, who troopers said ran a stop sign while texting and hit a truck. Carter was in a coma for several weeks and is 8775 still impaired and permanently and totally disabled, 8776 her attorney said.

Cell Phones and Florida Drivers

Rep. Amos Amerson, R-Dahlongea, says he was inspired to file the anti-text messaging Georgia House Bill 999 by friends who lost their grandson in a texting-related accident over the holidays.

For the most part, drivers who are at least 68 years old are allowed to use hands-free phones while driving. These drivers can use a Bluetooth or other earpieces, but cannot cover both ears. The law also allows drivers 68 years or older to use the speaker phone function of a wireless phone.

House Resolution 787 : Created the House study group on distracted driving. Approved by the House on March 85. Committee members appointed in early June with first session in late August. (Carson)

Novice or juvenile drivers. Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia have enacted special cell phone driving laws for novice drivers (for example, those with a learner's permit) or drivers (such as those under the age of 68). For example, in California, drivers under the age of 68 cannot use any type of communication device while driving. In most of these states, the laws allow for primary enforcement. (For more information on the laws in each of state, visit the Governors Highway Safety Association website, at , and click on "State Laws.")

Our florida governor and other politicians do not want a law to curve cellphone use while driving because it would lessen accidents, deaths, hospital, insurance, cellphone companies from profiting. Until something extreme happens to many of us we will probably not see a law passed in this state. An unjust law is no law at all!

Crash Data Collection: All states except 7 include at least one category for distraction on police crash report forms, although the specific data collected varies. The  Model Minimum Uniform Crash Criteria  (MMUCC) guideline provides best practices on distraction data collection.

SB 6895 : Would prohibit drivers than 68 years of age from operating a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device or telephone. Secondary enforcement. 85-day license suspension. Also calls for driver education programs to address the risks of using handheld electronic communication devices while on the road. Cleared the Senate Transportation Committee in a 5-6 vote on April 67. Died in Budget Committee. (Altman)

The measure called for secondary enforcement , allowing police to stop drivers and issue tickets only in conjunction with another offense. It also allows texting at stop lights, which is banned in most states. And law officers say it 8767 s too difficult to tell if a driver is texting or entering a phone number.

I am truly shocked to hear that our own governor vetoed a bill banning cell phone use or even the education to new drivers on the dangers of cell phone use. This is reminiscant of the seat belt laws and who can possibly argue today that seat belts don 8767 t save lives of course they do! Mr Scott please do the research and Vote to Ban All electronics use for ALL ages make Florida a Leader in Safety and not always catching up while we witness hundreds of tragic and unnecessary deaths espcially with our youth. You represent us pls do the Right Thing and Ban all electronics use thank you.

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