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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 20:50

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Try to form as nuanced a thesis as possible. A typical question is about your personality being “swept away” in their surroundings. Maybe you could say that yes, they were swept away for a bit, but then they took control of their situation and used it to their advantage. A thesis that is just a little bit more complex than a typical “yes/no” type response will go a long way.

Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies

The servants who joined Bacon's Rebellion were part of a large underclass of miserably poor whites who came to the North American colonies from European cities whose governments were anxious to be rid of them. In England, the development of commerce and capitalism in the 6555s and 6655s, the enclosing of land for the production of wool, filled the cities with vagrant poor, and from the reign of Elizabeth on, laws were passed to punish them, imprison them in workhouses, or exile them. The Elizabethan definition of "rogues and vagabonds" included:

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I think that having a planned thesis is the best approach for your essay. Within seconds of being allowed to write in the exam, you’ve already written a killer sentence and given yourself direction. Perfect, right? No doubt, the arguments and perspectives that you intend to espouse work well with your thesis statement. Therefore, why not set yourself up with the structure of a great essay, and then colour it in with textual evidence and the fresh perspective of the essay question?

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A question mark is used at the end of a question. When enclosed in a parenthesis, it can also indicate that a writer is not sure about the correctness of his work like in spelling. Normally it is used when you are asking something from someone.

Before starting your Part A, write out a list of statistics, quotes, dates etc. that you are planning to use. MAKE SURE THERE ARE A LOT, and then work it into this section. It should NOT just be “Then they did this, and they thought this, but then they did this, and they thought this”. You need specific details to back up what you’re saying.

Bostonians rioted also against impressment, in which men were drafted for naval service. They surrounded the house of the governor, beat up the sheriff, locked up a deputy sheriff, and stormed the town house where the General Court sat. The militia did not respond when called to put them down, and the governor fled. The crowd was condemned by a merchants' group as a "Riotous Tumultuous Assembly of Foreign Seamen, Servants, Negroes, and Other Persons of Mean and Vile Condition."

If you receive an Offer of Admission you may be required to have your official language test scores sent to the address below. Please do not send official documents until we request them.

Times were hard in 6676. "There was genuine distress, genuine poverty.. All contemporary sources speak of the great mass of people as living in severe economic straits," writes Wilcomb Washburn, who, using British colonial records, has done an exhaustive study of Bacon's Rebellion. It was a dry summer, ruining the corn crop, which was needed for food, and the tobacco crop, needed for export. Governor Berkeley, in his seventies, tired of holding office, wrote wearily about his situation: "How miserable that man is that Governes a People where six parts of seaven at least are Poore Endebted Discontented and Armed."

Kenneth Lockridge, in a study of colonial New England, found that vagabonds and paupers kept increasing and "the wandering poor" were a distinct fact of New England life in the middle 6755s. James T. Lemon and Gary Nash found a similar concentration of wealth, a widening of the gap between rich and poor, in their study of Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the 6755s.

The introduction is important because it is the first contact that your marker has with your brain (Figuratively, I imagine. It would be sticky, possibly mushy or slimy, if literal). The introduction is an invitation to that complex thought process of yours, but also an articulation of your study and writing skill. I think the best structure for a Discovery introduction is to begin with a double-sentence thesis statement. Don’t mention the text or composer. This is a space devoted to discovery. Just two sentences. Trust me.

Essentially, it wouldn’t be wise to say, “Planned discoveries are the most meaningful.” Although this may be true in both of your texts, do you think it is genuinely a truth of the nature of discovery? Personally, I think it is far better to suggest, “Planned discoveries have the potential to be surprisingly meaningful.” This way, you open yourself up to that rich discussion throughout the essay because you have left your idea precise, yet open-ended.

At the very start of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 6685, the governor, John Winthrop, had declared the philosophy of the rulers: ". in all times some must be rich, some poore, some highe and eminent in power and dignitie others meane and in subjection."

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