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By the time Macbeth realizes that all of his stabs at glory were in vain, it is too late. Following his wife’s death he submits that life is “a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing” (Norton Ed. 7678), and perhaps this is true for an individual like Macbeth who is so pathetic and confused. He has no awareness of himself, and he squanders his potential in an attempt to prove something which he thinks will satisfy him but obviously does not. His lack of knowledge brings about his death and many more. Yet, it does not have to be this way for all, and Shakespeare does provide some light in the darkness in characters like Macduff whose slaying of Macbeth should be seen as an optimistic comment on humanity.

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It is difficult to view Macbeth as an inherently evil character because it is clear that he lacks strength of character. The events of the play also affect his mental stability – his guilt causes him a great deal of mental anguish and leads to hallucinations. In this respect, Macbeth has more in common with Hamlet than with Shakespeare’s other out-and-out villains like Othello’s Iago. However, unlike Hamlet, Macbeth is quick to act in order to fulfill his desires.

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Macbeth is soon overwhelmed with ambition and self-doubt. Although he constantly questions his own actions, he is also compelled to commit further atrocities in order to cover up his previous wrong-doings.

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