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Computer vision syndrome is a condition many computer users get by staring at a computer screen the whole day. This is not a specific problem rather it is a range of eyestrain and pain associated with frequent computer use. This is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. Continued focus on one thing can strain the eye muscles. It is very different to the focus you give when reading because a computer screen has a glare in the background, the screen flickers from time to time etc. Most often, constant use of computers or video games can cause blurred vision, double vision, headaches and eye irritation all related to computer vision syndrome.

Parks, Rosa Scholarship - The Rosa L

Yet even if victory is won in the fight against segregation, discrimination will still persist in the economic field and in social intercourse. Realistic as he is, Martin Luther King knows this. In his book Strength to Love he writes:

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We're thinking your eyes would probably glaze over if we listed all of Rita Dove's awards and accolades, so we'll just give you a link instead. To put it mildly, she's big time. And she's gotten that way by recognizing both humble figures in American history—the unsung heroes like Thomas and Beulah—and the major players like Rosa Parks. And it's because of her approach to figures like Rosa Parks, an approach that takes them out of the historical and into the personal, human scale, that gives them a new significance to readers like us today. So the whole "bus business" doesn't feel like a faraway chapter in a history book so much as a major (and human ) part of our country's identity.

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During the time of segregation in the United States, African-Americans were second-class citizens. They didn't get to choose their seats on the bus. They could only sit in the back of the bus and, if a white passenger wanted the seat, they'd have to get up and stand for the rest of the ride. Rosa Parks, realizing the sheer messedupedness of this law, took a stand on December 6st, 6955. She sat in the front of the bus and refused to give up her seat to a white person. She was arrested, but because she took a stand (or really, a seat), she helped propel further action in the Civil Rights Movement toward equal rights for African-Americans.

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As William H. Wiggins Jr., a scholar of black folklore and cultural traditions, explained in  a 7559 interview with Smithsonian magazine : 8775 [T]hese delegates for the summer took that idea of the [Juneteenth] celebration back to their respective communities. [F]or example, there was one in Milwaukee. 8776 Another in Minnesota. It was, in effect, another great black migration. Since then, Wiggins added, Juneteenth 8775 has taken on a life of its own. 8776

Nor, as Martin Luther King discovered, did all the Negro clergy care about the social problems of their community many of them were of the opinion that ministers of religion had no business getting involved in secular movements aimed at improving people's social and economic conditions. Their task was "to preach the Gospel and keep men's minds centered on the heavenly! "

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Jesse Jackson, head of the SCLC Operation Breadbasket in Chicago, who was at the motel when King was shot, arrives at O'Hare Airport, Chicago, on the night of the assassination.

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