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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 09:56

This post is such a goodie!! I use quillo/a and achuchar on a daily basis, and met my husband at a botellón!! My friend gave me a great book called Don 8767 t Show This Book to Your Spanish Teacher, or something to that effect I feel like you 8767 d enjoy it!

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We ve got such a rich language for insulting someone, foreigner football players who have ever played in Spain keep on insulting in Spanish :) Of course, much better than other south american insults

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very important palabrotas for women are:
guarra, zorra, puta: bitch.
calientapollas: a women who likes to put men hot, but they never fuck just warming

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I grew up in an inner city with a very densely populated with Hispanics, mainly Peurto Ricans. Cabró n is *anything* but mild. I ve seen fights break out over its use.

Im a superviser of alot of Mexican ppl and I 8767 m tired of being the punch line to every joke they come out with and I want to surprise them with alittle of there on language !!! Can u help me ?

This insults only work in Spain or Mexico, you have very different insults depending on the country. I m from Argentina and we don t swear like that.

I think you are lacking a very important word in South America specially. The 8775 Huevon 8776 . Huevon could mean SO many different things depending on the context. It can vary from 8775 huevón 8776 as being a friend or being an idiot haha. It 8767 s widely used in Chile and other countries a bit less such as Argentina and Perú.

me cago en tus muertos that s very very rude, you can t say that to anybody if you do don t expect a good reaction at all :).

&lsquo Me cago en Dios&rsquo (..on God) or &lsquo Me cago en tus muertos&rsquo : These are really rude I don t recomend use them. It isn`t true that all the Spaniards talk like that.

You, writer!
First of all, I have no idea if you re a fucking writer, journalist or whatever. But the least you could do is write correctly the words you re talking about. For instance, it s not palobrotas but palAbrotas , since it comes from the word palabra which means word.

This is a pretty naughty post! I ve learned a fair bit of spanish, but never how to swear perhaps my overly polite Canuck demeanour? :P perhaps just laziness! ha

But Joder isn t hard here in Colombia,because means disturb,for example if you want to say here no joda,it means don t return if you say puto de mierda or gonorrea con ojos it s means bitch of shit and gonorrhea with eyes.

However I must warn you that it won´t be a good idea to say these three in front of your mother and it will be a real offense for most of grandfathers and grandmothers.

Nellie, i must add to the previous comment that mexicans, venezuelans, cubans!, peruvians! and many other latinamerican nationals do swear also quite often. See you soon!

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