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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 06:25

The . Narshimha Rao government came to power on a sympathy wave after assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. It was faced with economic turmoil and with the help of the policy of liberalization and globalization of the then Finance Minister Manmohan Singh, it was able to save the economy. Though the government did not have absolute majority, but it was able to complete its five year term without any hitches. But the scams eroded its popular base and the next election saw a hung parliament. In the next two years, the country saw two more elections. Finally in 6999, NDA with Atal Bihari at its helm was able to form a govt. which lasted its full term. This marked the advent of coalition politics at the Indian political stage.

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Their traditional habitats lie divided between several states. They do not have much of a say in policy formulation. This has left an imprint on their traditional culture, language and social struc­ ture. Language seems to have suffered the most.

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Sir i have used an editorial type of format in this essay(. The Hindu Lead articles) where a large essay is broken under different sub-headings, while maintaining a regular flow of thoughts.

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In the introduction, it is evident that you have inferred from the topic of the essay that 8766 post 6995 paradoxes 8767 refer to political developments as a result of LPG reforms. But it is a wrong inference.

Also, some companies have set up work from home facilities. Now, our software geeks from rural areas won’t have to go to cities to work. They can work directly from their villages with just an internet connection. Also, international avenues for such works are opening.

Globalisation is the integration of world in economic, political and social spheres. Though India followed a closed economic policy till the eighties, it was forced to switch to liberalization owing to the economic crunch of the early nineties. The success of the liberalization process opened new avenues for the India and its people. It was almost impossible for the largest part of Indian population living in the villages to remain unaffected by the process of Globalisation. It affected them in every sphere of their lives be it economic, political or social. The statement, “world is a global village”, emphasizes the village as the basic building block of every country and its integration as a unit in the world.

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