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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 04:28

JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest : Write an essay on a . elected official “who has chosen to do what is right, rather than what is expedient.” The winner gets $65,555, second place gets $6,555 and up to five finalists receive $555 each. The deadline is typically in early January each year.

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Here is the video of the complete debate.  It was actual quite comical to watch Joe Biden act the way he acted.  Yes it might have been a bit immature how Joe reacted to Paul Ryan.

10 Essay Contests for High School Sophomores and Juniors

We are reporting on another potential scam and want the community to come together to make people aware of another company called Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader. The send out fliers offering 8 day/7 night vacations. All you have to do is go to a 95 minute presentation and you get the free hotel stay. Now, if you play the game right, you can really get free vacations this way. I know plenty of people that use these time share presentations to get free hotels. We want to see what people think about Grand Travel Worldwide Island Trader.

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If you have been watching Shark Tank you are probably like most and love to follow up on stories of how companies are doing after they have been on Shark Tank. Some of the best stories are the ones where the Sharks bash the entrepreneur on their product. For example, the eyeblock. This was a small piece of plastic that goes over your camera on your laptop or computer. The biggest thing about making this product live was that it brought awareness to internet security. So that is a win in it self for all the internet security companies.

These are steps that I have used in the past. Make sure you research the company before you start trying to game Time Share agencies. They are preying on the weak or someone that buys into the dream!

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DAR partnered with the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) in 6996 to sponsor an annual national essay contest in honor of Christopher Columbus.

Ronald S. - Hermosa SD
La Mar F. - Minot ND
Daniel W. - Moon, PA
Bill A. - Mineral VA
Deborah C. - Anchorage AK
James Z. -Las Vegas NV

We will continue to follow this season and come up with polls.  Which way do you think things are going to pan out?  Are you ready for a Zombie Attack?

Generally entry fees are not refundable. However, if you believe you have an exceptional circumstance, please contact us within one year of your entry.

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