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A Score of 9 Is Adequate A competent critique of the argument, demonstrating adequate control of the elements of effective writing, and displaying the following characteristics:

800SCORE AWA - Cours de GMAT

In the previous post , I demonstrated some brainstorming and identified six objections to this argument.  I then selected three of them as the basis of the essay that follows.  This is one way to go about writing the essay.

How to prepare for the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment

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GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) - Exam Focus

The essay should not be written in the first person. I believe or I disagree should be avoided in favor or straightforward objective analysis about the merits or weaknesses of the argument being evaluated.

As the essay will be reviewed by readers who are reviewing tons of essays, the format should be kept basic. Clearly present what will be argued in the introduction paragraph. Make supporting points in the body paragraphs. Draw a final conclusion that ties it all together in the conclusion paragraph. This basic structure will be clearest and most successful.

9. Clearly state your critique. The essat question will show you an essay loaded with logical fallacies, such as the unwarranted assumption or fallacy of equivocation.

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If the two ratings differ by more than one point, another evaluation by an expert reader is required to resolve the discrepancy and determine the final score.

However, there are several assumptions that may not necessarily apply to this argument. For example, the costs associated with making the workplace safe must outweigh the increased payroll expenses due to hazardous conditions. Also, one must look at the plausibility of improving the work environment. And finally, because most companies agree that as the risk of injury increases so will wages doesn't necessarily mean that all companies which have hazardous work environments agree.

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